Aspirations anyone?


I’ve been told to write career goals and aspirations for my future in my History 491 class.  I find as I’ve been thinking about this question (and procrastinating) that I don’t really have a solid answer.  I’ve mentioned to my peers in the classroom that I have opportunities in the federal field as well as a possible starting job as a Systems Operational Specialist. However, if I am really thinking hard on what makes me happy rather than what makes the money, I find myself gravitated towards more of a…impact field. The idea of joining the Peace Corps after I graduate in the Spring of 2014 sounds so much more satisfying than getting lost in the world of monetary rise.  Being taught a language and going to serve people in countries that are often times forgotten, speaks volumes more than what I could hope to accomplish with the few years after I graduate.  While many would think this as being frivolous waste of time with the start up time after I graduate, I view it as an opportunity to further gain experience and a language that could possibly lead me to better opportunities. 

I’m excited for the opportunities that God has for me…even though they may be ever changing.

6 thoughts on “Aspirations anyone?

  1. Sarah, it looks like you have some really exciting and unique options for a career once you leave Liberty University. Remember that any job that you go into, you can make an impact for Christ in! As long as you continue to follow him, he will direct you in the right direction.

  2. Sarah,
    It is brave to seek a job not based on money but based on happiness and the impact you could have. Money does not bring happiness, but loving the unloved does. I hope you continue to seek what you want and God’s desires for your life; not what the world considers success.

  3. Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of your dreams and what you feel God has called you to do! I’m sure that wherever you end up, be it in the Peace Corps, the FBI, or anywhere else your degree may take you, God will bless you if you follow His will for your life. I can imagine that being in the FBI can be extremely demanding. Having known you for several years though, I feel as if you are up to the task!

  4. Hey Sarah! If you feel the Lord is directing you to the Peace Corps or to other countries, do what you gotta do. I am curious what countries you have in mind to visit though? You should definitely think about Peru!

    • I’m definitely exploring the option of Nepal…I have a heart and passion for Asian cultures. I wouldn’t mind returning to Peru at some point but as of right now I’m open to any direction!

  5. It is inspirational to hear a college student realize the importance of finding a job they would enjoy instead of one for pecuniary means. While entering college, most students determine a career based on salary, not what their passions lead them to. I think your idea to join the Peace Corps would be an incredible opportunity that would lead to a more secure career. The most important thing to do in this time of our lives is to clarify our passions and then determine the best career for those. It is also essential to follow the path that God set out for us. I hope that by following your own passions and the Lords call you will find the career path that is correct for you.

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