Aspirations anyone?


I’ve been told to write career goals and aspirations for my future in my History 491 class.  I find as I’ve been thinking about this question (and procrastinating) that I don’t really have a solid answer.  I’ve mentioned to my peers in the classroom that I have opportunities in the federal field as well as a possible starting job as a Systems Operational Specialist. However, if I am really thinking hard on what makes me happy rather than what makes the money, I find myself gravitated towards more of a…impact field. The idea of joining the Peace Corps after I graduate in the Spring of 2014 sounds so much more satisfying than getting lost in the world of monetary rise.  Being taught a language and going to serve people in countries that are often times forgotten, speaks volumes more than what I could hope to accomplish with the few years after I graduate.  While many would think this as being frivolous waste of time with the start up time after I graduate, I view it as an opportunity to further gain experience and a language that could possibly lead me to better opportunities. 

I’m excited for the opportunities that God has for me…even though they may be ever changing.