God’s Protection and Providence: John Quincy Adams

(Jacksonian 316)

The 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was not only a time for celebration but that of mourning.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, historical icons, passed away after witnessing the fruits of their dedication and the providence of God’s will for our country.  John Quincy Adams addressed the military in a formal manner to announce the passing of the compatriots that strove diligently to make the outcome of the signing of the Declaration of Independence something that men were proud of as well as God.  John Quincy Adams, being the 6th president of the United States, not only offered a formal speech in the Executive Order, but he also achieved making it known that both men were provident to divine choice.

 On July 4, 1837, 11 years to the day John Quincy Adams addresses the town of Newburyport in Massachusetts to commemorate yet another anniversary of the signing.  Though J.Q. Adams is not addressing the military or the remembrance of his father and Thomas Jefferson, he still offers the crowd his belief that God is the one that gives His protection to the new nation and that the independence that was fruitfully won was designed by God.

John Quincy Adams held firm to his faith and did so through life long afflictions.  He was recorded to have read through and studied his bible at least once a year. ( http://www.dakotavoice.com/2010/11/the-faith-of-john-quincy-adams/)  His hope was for his children to follow in his faith for God and continually spoke to them of the moral importance in their day and age.  

In his address to Newburyport, J.Q. Adams state that it was the hope of Thomas Jefferson and his father some 61 years ago to see the people of the 13 colonies to be united as ‘one people’ who distinguish themselves separate from Great Britain.  This hope that J.Q. Adams speaks of was hinted boldly by him as a guidance from God and that the people celebrating the birthday of the country should give providence to the ‘Creator of all worlds’.